January 18th, 2010

Camellia Sinensis

The Time Of Your Life (aka Good Riddance)

I don't usually do memes... but then for that matter I don't post a lot lately either. Recently I saw the decade meme on my sister's blog, and it seemed like a nice way of summing up the past 10 years, detailing everything that happened year by year. A few weeks ago someone asked me "what was your biggest change in the last ten years?" and I was stumped for a while, before eventually saying "puberty!" When I thought about it more, I realised that the past 10 years have neatly encapsulated a whole chunk of my life that had a clear beginning at the start of it, and a clear end at the end of last year, but during which there were so many changes to my life that they were perhaps the most critical years of my life. I started writing it, and it was good to write... but I'm not going to post it.

It turns out that the story of my life, from my perspective, is a story of many other people. Some wonderful, some despicable, some who it hurts to remember and some who are best off forgotten. Some of them are still part of my life, some are reading this blog, and others are unknown to everyone who may ever see this. It's not for me to tell their story. I realised that it's not a story for the telling, it's a story for living.

And yes, a lot certainly happened in the last ten years. Ten years ago I left school, a few months ago I graduated university and officially ended full-time education. Ten years ago I got my first ever boyfriend, now I'm in what feels like the first real relationship that could actually last, and that I really really want to. Ten years ago I started learning computing, now I'm moving into a job teaching it. Ten years ago I lived away from home for the first time, now I'm finally starting to call somewhere else 'home' for the first time. Ten years ago I was starting to build a life, it took most of those ten years to put it together, and the path seemed very unclear at times, but I think I'm finally there, there's still so much still to do but I can see the road ahead of me and I know my place in the world at last.

So, I raise my glass (or mug of tea) to the last ten years. Not forgotten but definitely gone, I'll look back but I won't live in the past. And here's to the next decade, and all the wonderful things it may bring.