Camellia Sinensis (camellia_uk) wrote,
Camellia Sinensis

The glass isn't half empty, it's just primed for a refill.

This evening I bathed in the essence of jasmine and hibiscus, then prepared myself a sumptious meal of Italian fusili al dente, drizzled with a blend of puréed tomatoes and mascarpone and served with crisp iceberg and fresh crudities. A youthful American comedian entertained me as I dined, and I sipped an infusion of mixed berries. For dessert, a light steamed sponge served with warm ginger wine. I contemplated taking in a display of ballroom dancing before I retired for the night. As I wrote in my journal, I felt refined, relaxed, and at peace with the world.


Tonight I took a bath. It had Radox bubbles in it. Then I made pasta with Sainsburys stir-in sauce, some lettuce and some raw carrot. I scoffed this down while watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and drinking Vimto. I microwaved a pudding. Thought I might watch Strictly Ballroom before going to bed. As I updated my blog I felt strangely pretentious... but then, isn't life better when you look at things positively? :-)

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